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Spiced Wife

Nov 20, 2021

Day 20 of our 40 day fast. This prayer call is kicking off the second half and we are in need of a fresh wind! We need a second wind so we don't lose zeal! We are stepping into more fire! WE ARE HUNGRY!

Nov 6, 2021

This is our first-ever prayer call. If you missed it, please join in here on the replay in your private prayer time. 

The prayer calls will not always be posted as replays, so if you would like to get the dial-in information to attend the calls in the future simply subscribe your email address on our website at

Nov 1, 2021

We are the product of our priorities, so it's time to put fasting and praying first. We are closing this year STRONG! We are going to see transformation in our homes THIS year! Even with only two months left, we are going to see a miracle in our marriage!