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Spiced Wife

Jan 25, 2021

This interview was ALL God’s plan! He wants us, wives, to learn more about what He provides for our bodies and health. We are honored on the show today to meet the beautiful Marissa Deshauteurs and God’s divine plan in teaching her more about His amazing creation to heal and revive our bodies!


Key points in today’s episode:


First 16 minutes:

  • Meet Marissa and find out what led her into living a holistic lifestyle. Also how she went from pharmacy to homeschool.
  • God will lead you according to His will when you simply say “yes” to Him and repent of rebellion.
  • God may shift your plans, but it will be for your benefit and fulfillment.
  • Having confidence in how to be ok with allowing the Holy Spirit to direct your path.
  • Mainstream medical care has its place and is good, but never forget to seek God first.


Time stamp 16:50 – 33:58

  • What does it mean to be holistic?
  • Depending on God to heal emotional issues instead of pills.
  • Understanding the stigma behind being holistic.
  • Finding the courage to ask questions concerning our health and challenging too much medication.


Time stamp 33:58 – 55:38

  • Scriptures to help you stay focused during the holistic walk.
  • Top benefits of making the holistic life change.
  • What were the challenges and starting points to holistic living?
  • Understanding artificial chemicals in our everyday items.


Time stamp 55:38 – 1:20:00

  • How holistic living plays a part in sexuality.
  • Understanding essential oils in holistic living NOT with pagan practices.
  • How to transition when your husband does not want to do it.
  • Addressing vaginal dryness


Timestamp 1:20:00 – Ending

  • Overcoming the difficulties with starting the holistic life.
  • Learning natural deodorants
  • What is the cost of daily holistic living?
  • Closing remarks


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